Rodney's Falconry

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Rodney Stotts is a falconer and trained raptor specialist. Mr. Stotts, a former staff of the Earth Conservation Corps, is a mentor and youth community leader.  Mr. Stotts creates transformative opportunities that connect youth to the environment and community. Raptors are birds of prey that include eagles, hawks, owls, osprey and falcons. Injuries are routinely caused by cars, electrical wires, habitat loss and myriad stresses of living among humans.  

Through this connection is an inspiring reconnection to self and youth rehabilitation.  The Rapture Program introduces youth to new learning experiences and social engagement with peers. The organization integrates environmental education and promotes the social and emotional competence of children through structured recreational activities, positive social engagement, and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Rodney Stotts new book,  Lost and found

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